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Consumer Services

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See our consumer work on CBS news with Katie Couric, here.

Whether you are uninsured, underinsured or insured, we can help reduce the cost of your heath care and help you organize and manage the mountain of paperwork that follows an illness.

Patient Advocacy Audit and Review Services:

  • Acquire itemized statements and medical records from providers and hospitals
  • Review and audit these documents for errors, overcharges, and coding compliance.
  • Ensure charges are accurate and  “reasonable and customary”
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your doctors and hospital to remove errors and reduce the charges to you
  • Research overpayments and obtain refunds on your behalf.
  • Negotiate reductions in fees when insurance company limits do not cover the cost of procedures.
  • Evaluate insurance policies to eliminate duplication of coverage or determine whether you are over-insured or under insured. 

Our audit and review services for individuals are strictly contingency-based. Our fee is a percentage of what we save you. You pay nothing unless we save you money.

See our consumer work on CBS news with Katie Couric, here.

Monthly Maintenance Services for Patients

Our monthly maintenance plan helps remove the time-consuming burden of sifting through medical bills and insurance paperwork.  We go through all the paperwork for you to ensure that you receive all the monies to which you are entitled.  If you have insurance, it ensures that your insurance company pays the maximum amount due according to your contract.

We review your medical bills and insurance paperwork as it arrives and we contact you bi-monthly or monthly to let you know what portion of the bills are really yours to pay.

We charge a monthly fee for maintenance services.  Contact us to get started. 

Medicare Related Services

Understanding Medicare can be difficult.  Should you choose traditional Medicare?  Do you need a supplemental insurance?  Is a Medicare HMO better for you?  Which Medicare Part D program  is best suited for your prescription needs?

We understand the benefits and can explain them to you simply.

  • Medicare Part A and Part B.  We can help you choose the appropriate supplemental insurance plan or HMO which best suits your health and economic needs
  •  Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program.  We locate the best plan for you according to the medications that you take and the pharmacy you prefer.   We can then enroll you into that program.
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I had an emergency and my surgeon told me to meet her at a local hospital at 5:30 AM as she was finishing an operation there.  That same morning  I had outpatient surgery  that lasted about one hour and later that day I went home.   

My insurance company refused to pay $11,280.00 bill because the hospital was not a participating hospital even though it was emergency surgery.

I found Administrative Solutions Plus on the internet and things began to happen.  It seems that the hospital had used the wrong codes with an incorrect diagnosis too.  They over coded my bill making it more expensive than it should have been. 

After several months of negotiations between Administrative Solutions Plus and the hospital, my bill was reduced to $800.00!!!!!

Thank you Administrative Solutions Plus.
Carolyn from San Francisco   

I was on vacation  in Florida and had chest pain.  I was rush to a hospital and stayed there for 3 nights and had many tests.  My bill was $17,890.00.  I have no insurance. 

And I live in Texas.

Administrative Solutions Plus handled all the long distance problems and negotiated on my behalf with the hospital and other doctors.  My hospital bill was reduced to $4830.00!!!!!

Boy was I happy to find this wonderful organization!!!
--Sarah from Texas

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