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Attacking the cost of health care, one bill at a time.

Attorney Services

Medical bills can play a large part in personal injury, probate and personal bankruptcy cases.

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Debt Reduction, Probate and Litigation Services

If your client has settled a personal injury case, is being sued for non-payment of medical bills, or if you represent an estate for probate, our bill review service can often greatly reduce the amount owed to hospitals and physicians.

Overcharges and errors on medical bills can add up to a significant amount of money.

Attorney services:

  • Acquire itemized statements and medical records from providers and hospitals
  • Review these documents for errors, overcharges, and coding accuracy
  • Re-price the bill to show  “reasonable and customary” charges consistent with the date and place of service.
  • Audit medical records for compliance to federal billing guidelines.
  • Our services for attorneys are billed on an hourly basis. Please contact us today for more information.

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