Administrative Solutions Plus, LLC
Attacking the cost of health care, one bill at a time.

Buried Under a Mountain of Medical Bills?

Administrative Solutions Plus helps individuals, attorneys, insurance companies and self-insured groups, located anywhere in the United States, reduce the cost of health care. If high hospital and doctor bills or inaccurate insurance payments or non payment by insurance companies are a problem for you or your clients, Administrative Solutions Plus can help.

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We review provider bills, hospital bills, and insurance documents for errors and overcharges.

We negotiate with the party that has made the error, often reducing the charges to you and reducing your out of pocket cost.

We can even help you recover money you’ve overpaid in the past.

We believe that the majority of medical bills contain errors. Don’t pay more than you really owe.

I want to thank you so much for your fast and efficient help. I am so glad I found you and your service. I have told everyone I know about you...I come from a very large family, and we all need help at some time or another! Thank you again!!!

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